Our preschool provides a warm and nurturing environment that serves as a child's first stepping stone beyond the comfort of home. With child-friendly infrastructure and resources, we prioritize a child’s comfort and safety. A caring and dedicated team of educators follow a child-centred approach to guide young learners between two and a half and five years to explore the world around them. 

Preschool follows a thematic and integrated education system with a combination of play-way and Montessori-based teaching and learning methods. Carefully curated activities especially focus on major domains of children’s development. 

  • Physical Development: Focus on essential life skills for daily living, such as arranging objects, using utensils, and self-care routines; these activities enhance fine motor skills in young learners. In addition to foundational skills, our curriculum includes drawing, colouring, dancing, swimming, yoga, and other physical activities to improve motor skills and strengthen muscles. Nutrient-rich meals are also provided to ensure proper physical development, supporting the overall well-being of our young learners.
  • Cognitive Development: Interesting theme-based activities encourage preschoolers to actively explore and understand their surroundings. Engaging in field trips, celebrating various festivals, and participating in hands-on activities play a vital role in fostering intellectual development among our young learners. These experiences are designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and create a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.
  • Social and Emotional Development: In our preschool, young learners engage in group interactions with peers, teachers, and caregivers, fostering crucial socialization skills. These interactions within the group setting contribute to the development of linguistic abilities and encourage the formation of social bonds and connections. Through these experiences, children learn to express themselves effectively and develop a sense of care for others, leading to significant advancements in their social and emotional development.

Matribhumi Preschool equips children with different skills and capacities to embark on their journey to formal schooling.