Language Policy

Matribhumi School’s language policy believes in multilingualism. Apart from learning Nepali, English and Sanskrit, the students also engage in German classes. In collaboration with Goethe Institut, German language instruction is mandatory for students from Grade VI onwards. This compulsory Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) provides students with ample opportunities to acquire a new language, fostering an understanding of German culture and educational facilities. Multilingualism promotes cognitive development and better academic achievements in students, we are committed to offering a diverse linguistic education.

Additionally, Matribhumi School holds the prestigious status of a PASCH School, granting students and German learners the opportunity to participate in international youth camps organized by Goethe Institut. These camps serve as valuable platforms, exposing students to diverse cultures and perspectives. Engaging in such experiences contributes to the development of intercultural competence and communication skills, broadening the student's understanding of the global community.