Our classrooms are designed to provide a conducive learning environment with ample natural light and ventilation, accommodating 30 students per seating arrangement. This layout ensures that each student has sufficient space and comfort to concentrate on their studies. Specifically, for primary grades, classrooms feature a mini library to encourage young readers and early finishers. This initiative not only promotes the development of reading habits but also engages students productively. The mini library exposes students to a variety of books and genres, enriching their vocabulary and stimulating their imagination.

Every classroom at Matribhumi School is equipped with an HD Television connected to a high-speed internet connection. All these televisions are connected with NAS Cloud storage, which makes it easy for teachers and students to access a vast reserve of online and offline resources. These smart classrooms are particularly beneficial for visual learners, as teachers can leverage multimedia tools like videos, animations, presentations, and interactive games to enhance the engagement and effectiveness of lessons. Moreover, smart classrooms allow students to present their findings after their research to hone their communication, social and research skills.