Matribhumi School is a co-educational day boarding school located in the tranquil surroundings of the historical city Bhaktapur. Founded in 1994, Matribhumi School follows the progressive learning approach that fosters an environment of experiential learning for students from Preschool to Secondary Level. 

At Matribhumi, students can start from Preschool and transit through the Primary Level to Lower Secondary/Secondary Level. Students graduate after appearing in the Secondary Education Exam (SEE) from the National Education Board. Matribhumi School has a track record of producing excellent results in the SEE, with many students securing scholarships and admissions to prestigious colleges and universities in Nepal and abroad. Our alumni are successful professionals and leaders in various fields, such as engineering, medicine, law, business, arts, and social work. 

Following the progressive learning approach that fosters an environment of experiential learning for students at all levels, students are encouraged to learn by doing. They engage in projects, experiments, field trips, workshops, and exhibitions that enhance their understanding of various subjects and topics. Moreover, the unique location of the school provides easy access to the cultural hotspots and other historical sites of Bhaktapur, such as Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple, Pottery Square, and Dattatreya Square. These places play a vital role in exposing the students to the rich heritage and traditions of Nepal. 

Under the guidance of qualified and trained faculty, students participate in diverse academic and extracurricular activities that not only challenge their minds but also nurture their creative talents. The joyful environment and caring faculty at school make the learning process full of fun for students. They enjoy activities such as debates, quizzes, spelling bees, science fairs, art competitions, music festivals, sports tournaments, drama clubs, and social service clubs. 

The spiritual well-being of students is given utmost importance at Matribhumi School. Spiritual learning is integrated with the curriculum and other activities to help students develop a positive attitude towards life and society. The practice of yoga and meditation helps students gain calmness and focus. Students also learn about different religions and cultures through festivals, celebrations, prayers, and visits to places of worship. They are taught to respect diversity and harmony among people.