Field Trips: Learning Beyond the Classroom
Sun, 14 January, 2024

Do you remember the excitement of going on a field trip when you were a student? Field trips are not only fun and memorable, but also a crucial part of learning. They provide real-world experience to the students that they cannot get from textbooks or lectures. They allow the students to explore the subjects and concepts they have learned in their class in a different and interactive way. They also help the students access the tools and environment that are not available in the classroom. 

At Matribhumi School, we believe that field trips are an integral part of our curriculum and one of the most enjoyable curriculum-based activities. We organize field trips throughout the year for our students to various places that are relevant to their learning. For example, we have taken our students to museums, historical sites, farms, factories, parks, and zoos to learn about art, history, science, geography, and ecology. 

Before each field trip, we have a pre-trip discussion in the class where the students are encouraged to research the topic for the trip and the destination. This prepares them with the theoretical base and the background knowledge for the trip. During the trip, the students carry a trip sheet that has a set of questions that they need to answer by observing the place and interviewing the people around. This helps them to apply their learning and develop their inquiry skills. After the trip, the students perform a post-trip activity and present it to the class. This sums up their learning from the trip and helps them understand the concept more clearly. 

The benefits of field trips go beyond learning and understanding the concepts. Field trips also help the students build strong bonds with their friends and teachers as they share new experiences and discoveries. They also foster collaborative learning as the students work together in pairs and groups to complete their tasks and projects. Moreover, they contribute to the holistic development of the students as they enhance their communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our students always express their appreciation and enjoyment of the field trips. One of our students said, “Field trips are my favourite part of school. They make me feel like I am learning something new and useful every time. They also make me more curious and interested in the world around me.” 

We are proud of our field trip programme and the positive impact it has on our students’ learning and development. We invite you to visit our website or blog to learn more about our field trips and see some of the photos and videos of our students’ adventures.