Science Laboratory: A Place to Learn and Grow
Fri, 1 March, 2024

Science is not just a subject to read from textbooks. It is a way of exploring the world and discovering new possibilities. That is why we at Matribhumi School have created a state-of-the-art science laboratory, where our students can observe, learn, experiment, and create. 

Our science laboratory provides a safe and stimulating environment for our students to conduct scientific research, experiments, and inventions. Our students get hands-on experience with the tools, materials, and methods of science, which helps them understand the concepts better and apply them to real-life situations. They also develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as their creativity and imagination. 

Our science laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and resources, such as devices, instruments, apparatus, chemicals, and raw materials. It is designed to meet the curriculum standards of the CDC and the needs of modern teaching methodologies, such as experimental and project-based learning. It also has a special section for robotics and STEAM education, where our students can learn about coding, engineering, design, and innovation. 

Our science laboratory is not only a place to learn, but also a place to have fun. Our students enjoy working on various projects and challenges, such as building robots, testing chemical reactions, or measuring plant growth. They also collaborate and communicate with their peers and teachers, sharing their ideas and feedback. Our science laboratory is a hub of activity and excitement, where our students can discover their passions and potentials. 

We are proud of our science laboratory and the achievements of our students. We have seen a significant improvement in their academic performance and their interest in science. We have also received positive feedback from our students, parents, and community. Here are some examples: 

  • “I love the science lab. It is my favorite place in school. I always learn something new and have fun.” - Bishwant S. Subedi, Grade V 
  • “The science lab has helped my son to improve his grades and his confidence. He is always eager to go to school and tell me what he did in the lab.” - Pawan Bista, Parent of Grade VI student 

We believe that our science laboratory is a valuable asset for our school and our society. It is a place where our students can learn and grow, and where science comes alive.